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July 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

Below are some of the tips from National Environment Agency:

• Turn pails and watering cans over and store them under shelter. Place/ store all articles that can collect rain water under shelter at all times.
• Check all planter areas within the units to ensure to stagnant water.
• Change water in flower vases.
• Scrub the inside of vase to remove mosquito eggs before filling in fresh water. The eggs look like very fine black specks of dust.
• Remove water in plant pot plates. Scrub the plate thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs.
• Do not litter. Paper cups and water bottles thrown indiscriminately into drains, grass verges, roadside, vacant lands and other common areas can collect rainwater and breed mosquitoes.
• Check the base of your timber decks for water ponding

If you are vacating your home or away on long holiday,
• Cover the toilet bowls.
• Seal off the overflow pipe of the flushing cistern.
• Cover all gully and floor traps.

Do take note that registration of cars is an ONGOING PROCESS. Residents who have new or unregistered cars are requested to stop by the Management office to register your car.

Please do drop by the Management Office to fill in a form. Forms are also available at the guardhouse or drop us a email with your Name, Block, Unit No and Contact No. and email to the Condominium Manager at skyeleven@singnet.com.sg.

Please feel free to contact Veera and Sue at the Management Office at Tel: +65 6570 6901 if you need further clarifications.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


Jimmy Yim
MCST PLAN No. 3582

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Events of Interest

  • Singapore International Festival of Arts
    28 June to 09 September
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  • Singapore Food Festival
    14 July to 30 July
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  • Singapore Night Festival
    18 August to 26 August
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