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April 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

In this bulletin, I would like to share with you some recent issues that have arisen and seek your co-operation in helping to improve life for all residents at our condominium. As always, I am deeply appreciative of your continued co-operation and goodwill.

Please be informed that the Management Office will be CLOSED early on the following date & time as the Management Staff will be attending a Town Hall Meeting –

Date – 18 April 2017, Tuesday
Time of early closure – 4:00 pm

Our office regret for any inconvenience caused and your understanding on the above matter is greatly appreciated.

The correct disposal of rubbish is an important part of communal living. Recently we’ve had a number of serious incidents which I’d like to share with you and again seek your cooperation.

In the last two months, we have seen an increase in bulky refuse being thrown down the bin chutes, in one instance a resident threw a fully extended vacuum cleaner pole into the bin chute. Some days we have even seen potted plants being disposed in the chutes. I just cannot imagine if this pole has got stuck in the bin chute and refuse would have piled up several floors high and the amount of inconvenience to all the residents. To clear the choked bin chute is by way a most difficult task which may even lead to hacking of walls in a unit. This could be very distressing to a resident on a lower floor who is only suffering due to somebody else’s lack of consideration.

In another instance the main sewerage stack serving the maid’s toilet & kitchen in a particular block got choked causing water influx into a unit, when we cleared the main stack we found towels, plastic bags & sanitary pads remnants and other stuff that were NOT to be flushed down the toilet bowl.

Acts of one or two irresponsible residents will affect other residents, so we need the cooperation of all residents to ensure that you and your helpers do not throw bulky items into the bin chute and also do not flush rubbish down the toilet bowl.

Residents and their helpers are also reminded NOT to drop off large items or containers outside of the Recycle Bin Centers at each block. Such items are to be carried to and dropped off the Bin Centre at the entrance of the Condominium opposite the guard house.

I would like to commend the efforts of all the keen gardeners whose wonderful gardens on balconies do much to enhance the appearance of our condominium.

At the same time, I would like to ask you however to ensure that your plants do not overhang from your balcony. May I ask that you all ensure that plants are trimmed on a regular basis in order not to grow beyond the balcony railing.  We have had some issues with damage to the façade of the building and secondly the dry leaves have been falling into the balconies of the lower units thus causing leaves to accumulate in the drainage of the balconies and causing water ponding, which in the long run will lead to mosquito breeding.

We will be sending polite reminder letters to the individual units concerned highlighting the need for pruning, relocation or removal of certain plants. If you receive one of these letters I would be grateful if you could extend us your cooperation.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for your cooperation in the matter of observing our bylaws with respect to traffic and smoking in the condominium.

For those of you who have either just moved in or have not done so I urge you to register on our web portal. There is a lot of useful information for residents easily available. Please do drop by the Management Office to fill in a form. Forms are also available at the guardhouse or drop us an email with your Name, Block, Unit No and Contact No and email to the Condominium Manager at skyeleven@singnet.com.sg

Please feel free to contact Veera and Sue at the Management Office at Tel: +65 6570 6901 if you need further clarifications.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


Jimmy Yim
MCST PLAN No. 3582

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